A Daily Purpose

A Daily Purpose

Bible Study & Devotional 315

Guiding Scripture: Hebrews 10:17-18: “I will remember their sins and their lawless deeds no more. Where there is forgiveness of these, there is no longer any offering for sin.”

The Weight of Guilt

By contributing writer Magan Martin

I’m about to share something with all of you that is going to blow your minds. Ready? Here it goes. I’m not perfect. Yep. It’s true. In fact, I’ll go even further with that. I mess up often. We’re talking daily. Sometimes those mess-ups don’t even register in my mind as I’m doing them. But some of them…weigh on my mind and my heart for years to follow. Sometimes the weight of the guilt can be overwhelming and joy stealing.

Can you relate?

In Leviticus 6, the priest intervened on behalf of those who acknowledged their guilt. And the priest shall make atonement for him before the Lord, and (God shall forgive him)for any of the things that one may do and thereby become guilty.” These covered deliberate offenses, not just accidental errors. There was restitution involved, and the offender repaid the value of the property plus one-fifth.

An Absolved Sentence

The good news is that if you’ve accepted the Lord Jesus as your Savior, and you believe that His sacrifice on the cross has covered your sins, then your judgment has been not only forgiven but forgotten. If God doesn’t remember your sins anymore, you certainly don’t need to hang on to them! You’ve been washed by the blood of the Lamb, and whose sins are no longer staining you. Hallelujah, Amen!

Prayer: Father God in Heaven, thank You for the sacrifice of Your perfect Lamb. Thank you for saving me, for forgiving me, and for wiping my slate clean. When the guilt of my sins weighs down on me, I pray that I can move forward with peace in my heart, knowing You’ve forgiven me already. Please help me to forgive myself when I need to. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

This devotional was submitted by Magan Martin, a loving contributor to Our Given Purpose. Edited by Torrie Slaughter the founder of Our Given Purpose® in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

The Bible In A Year Daily Reading Plan

Friday, November 11, 2022

Ezekiel 23:1-49, Hebrews 10:18-39, Psalm 109:1-31, Proverbs 27:13

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