A Daily Purpose

A Daily Purpose
Bible Study & Devotional Day 218

Read Today’s Passages (August 7, 2022)

Guiding Scriptures: Psalm 29:2 Give unto the Lord the glory due unto his name; worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. 


 The Beauty of Holiness

Written By Reason A. Chandler


           I would begin this devotion with a question and ask what is so beautiful about Holiness. It is one of the most challenging questions to answer if you don’t know who Jesus is and what His Name means to the world or have a relationship with Him.

           The text implies that we worship the Lord in the beauty of Holiness, so by the text’s suggestion, Holiness is beautiful. 


As I ponder how I would answer this question, one thing I’m reminded of is I’m not holy. At least not alone, but with Jesus, as an advocate on my behalf, I can be viewed by God as holy. It is the blood of Jesus that covers and cleanses me. 


Beauty is not what we perceive as beauty. 


The beauty is because of Jesus. We can enter into the worship place, which I believe is the presence of God. Paul’s letter to the Romans reminds us that we have a new high priest who knows and is familiar with our human state and was tempted at all points yet remained without sin. So now we can go boldly before God in time of need. Because of His sacrifice, we have an outstanding opportunity to worship God in Holiness. 

We are called according to His purpose, even in worship. The world gets to see the transformation of our lives and how we live it because our worship glorifies God. There’s no way I could provide such an atmosphere to worship in. Only His Holy presence can do that. The beauty of it all is God has provided a way for us to enter into his presence without fear and with the freedom the world has difficulty understanding. Where the presence of God is, there is liberty; for me, that’s beautiful. 


God has done much for the world, especially those who love him, but that’s not why we worship him. We worship him because of who God is. To me, God is everything; I give myself to him, and I pour myself out before Him so that I might be filled with His love, grace, kindness, faithfulness, forgiveness, long-suffering, and peace. 


When I surrender to God all that I am and believe God will not turn me away because of my Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ, I can enter into His Holiness and worship to the glory and honor of God. That’s Beautiful.


Reason A. Chandler,SR is a pastor serving within the United Methodist Virginia Conference. As the senior Pastor of Jackson Street United Methodist Church (JSUMC) in Lynchburg, Virginia, he has inspired the community to push beyond the limits. The last seven years at JSUMC laid the foundation to move worship into a digital space. The pandemic provided an opportunity to grow and expand the ministry virtually, with Sunday service available on YouTube. Connect with Reason via Facebook.

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