A Daily Purpose

A Daily Purpose

Bible Study & Devotional 193


Guiding Scripture: Romans 1:16,  ‘For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.’


written by: Torrie Slaughter

As we begin the book of Romans, it is a powerful motivation for us as Christ-followers. In the last verse of Acts 28, Paul exclaimed that he would boldly and without hindrance preach the kingdom of God and teach about Jesus. Now he has the opportunity to deliver the message to the Christians in Rome. 


Jesus declares and makes us righteous in the sight of God through His death on the cross. We are justified by faith, the belief we have that Jesus the Son of God is our propitiation. The Gospel announces the Good News that the crucified Jesus conquered the grave, and if we receive that truth, we have the right to become children of God. (John 1:12) 

While you read today’s assigned Bible passages, take note of your call to ministry. No matter how big or small you think your message is, you can boldly proclaim the Gospel. Let your light shine before all people. 

Prayer: Lord, even when I am persecuted, let me count it as joy. I cannot hide your truth. I praise thee, Lord, with my whole heart, I will show forth all thy marvelous works. Would you please help me to share the Good News authentically? I want to be bold and unashamed. Amen. 


This devotional is submitted by Torrie Slaughter the founder of Our Given Purpose® for A Daily Purpose Bible Study & Devotional.

🔴 The Bible In A Year Daily Reading Plan

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

1 Chronicles 12:19-14:17, Romans 1:1-17, Psalm 9:13-20, Proverbs 19:4-5

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