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A Daily Purpose

Bible Study & Devotional (Day 111)

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 🔴 Who Have You Become?

Contributing Writer: Kendra Dublin


Imagine being ruled by people that only have their best interest at heart. Who go against everything God teaches in his word, although they claim to be in agreement with Jesus? Sounds like the corruption we live in today, but I digress.


Jesus’ response to the Sadducees and other religious leaders is always on point. I love how he answers their questions and then answers the question behind the question to get rid of their arguments. Then based on their questioning he tells them exactly who they are, to bring them into repentance.


I can’t thank Jesus enough for coming at the time that he did. Bringing clarity to the captives, so they could be set free. It’s one thing to uphold the law, it’s another thing to twist it and kill people with it.


We must be careful not to become the thing that we hate. We hate people who are “super religious” or “overly conservative” phrases I have yet to fully understand, and years down the line, find ourselves operating in the same ways. Questioning the words of God in a way that makes us add law or leave some on the table to be accepted or rejected. Putting ourselves in tiers of who is accepted by God, salvation issues, spiritual revelations and so on.

Do you think you have it all figured out?


So often we miss the spirit of the law, so we can “get things right”. Which starts to narrow our focus in such a way that we narrow God. He wasn’t created in our image; we are created from him. Oh, how I wish that we could grasp his authority and the spirit of his words.


We are obligated to leave God’s knowledge to God and if he reveals something to us then we have the commitment to teach it. But we can never replace God or be God. Once we believe that, I believe we can rid ourselves of corruption, quenching the Holy Spirit and live as God has resurrected. Live fully submitted to the Spirit today because TOMORROW IS TOO LATE TO BE GREAT.




Connect with Kendra Dublin at www.kendra-dublin.com

Kendra is a Christian Life Coach, Author, Speaker and the owner of God’s Perspective for Me® LLC. She helps Christians release past wounds so they can turn their testimony into their online ministry and answer God’s call through purposeful preparation. Kendra has written two volumes of “God’s Perspective for Me®,” is a collaborator of “The Resistance” book with Becky Davis and is currently working on her fourth publication. She’s also a contributor for the online magazine “Beauty & The Gospel” based out of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Kendra is the founder of “Millennials on Purpose” and a collaborator of “The Well Communicators” environments created to uplift women on their road to ministry.

This devotional was submitted by Kendra Dublin a loving contributor to Our Given Purpose. Edited by Torrie Slaughter the founder of Our Given Purpose® in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


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