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A Daily Purpose

Bible Study & Devotional Day 47

Read Today’s Passages (February 16, 2022)


 🔴 When Healing Happens

Contributing Writer: Tiffiany Langston


Can you imagine being in the presence of Jesus and the only thing you’re focused on is yourself? That’s exactly what occurs quite often. We might not ‘see’ Jesus as they did in the scripture, but we can be in the presence of Jesus, have a one on one encounter with Him and be solely focused on our self. Especially when it comes to healing. Whether it’s physical, emotional, or mental pain that ails us, in our desire for comfort we can easily become interested in the immediate healing of the ailment, instead of seeking the spiritual maturity that God is trying to bring us to instead. 

One Sided

Unfortunately, we can get caught up in seeking a relationship with Jesus for only the ways it will benefit us. While God does not desire that we live in pain, He is more focused on our full satisfaction being found in him, not the healing. Because the things of this world are temporary. But, our relationship with Him is everlasting.

In today’s passage from Mark 1:29-2:12 some were eager to share despite Jesus’ request to not do so.

How often do we run to share what Jesus has done, instead of simply acknowledging and praising Him for who He is?


Our God extends grace to us that heals. Giving us the ability to turn from sin and access to new places. He has made every provision for us to live in wholeness and in relationship with him, right here – right now! Let’s make sure we are cultivating a heart that seeks more than ‘what God can do for me’. God is able. He sees your faith and you can be certain he is faithful to his promises when we do our part to go before him humbly, seek His will and turn from evil. 





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Tiffiany is a solopreneur who holds a NC esthetics license, a contributor to the Millenials on Purpose FB group, and an aspiring author. As a wife and mother of two vibrant children she is dedicated to her family, believing it is her first and most important ministry. With a great desire to also help women in their day to day walk, Tiffany runs an on-line ministry. She leads small group Bible studies and presents monthly devotionals for Winning the Battles in Your Mind University daily encouragement call.


This devotional was submitted by Tiffiany Langston, a loving contributor to Our Given Purpose. Edited by Torrie Slaughter the founder of Our Given Purpose® in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


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Wednesday, February 16, 2022


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