A Daily Purpose

A Daily Purpose

Bible Study & Devotional 356

Guiding Scripture: Psalm 141:4 ‘Do not let my heart be drawn to what is evil so that I take part in wicked deeds along with those who are evildoers; do not let me eat their delicacies. ‘ 


Cross ReferenceProverbs 23:6, “Do not eat the bread of a stingy man, and do not crave his delicacies;”

Isaiah 32:6, “For a fool speaks foolishness; his mind plots iniquity. He practices ungodliness and speaks falsely about the LORD; he leaves the hungry empty and deprives the thirsty of drink.”

1 Corinthians 15:33, “Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.”


🔴 Maintain 

written by: Torrie Slaughter


Isn’t it awesome that we can go to the Lord in prayer and ask for His help? I know I need God every day and for every situation. And we should not be surprised when He answers in unexpected ways. 

When was the last time you asked God to help you maintain your integrity?

“We can do more than just survive we can thrive with God!”, author Casey Alexis

In Psalm 141, King David requests the LORD’s help to avoid evil traps and preserve his goodness. And we can ask God to guard us against harm. I love that David gives practical, prayerful steps to approach God with our petition.

If we desire protection from sin and sinners, abiding in God through Jesus is necessary. I pray we all remember that we are sanctified no matter the situation. Dear Saint, you are set apart for a particular purpose. 

Let us do as David and seek first the Kingdom of God. 

We can ask our Lord to:
  • guard our behavior and withstand temptation (Psalm 141:3-4).

  • introduce us to righteous teachers (Psalm 141:5).

  • stand against evil and rebuke the enemies’ efforts (Psalm 141:6-8).
  • protect us from wicked schemes (Psalm 141:9-10).

As you read today’s passages, consider taking the message of cleanliness. Let us acknowledge the filthiness of our attitudes as we require purity. I pray we are willing to let go of evil garments to put on the holiness of Christ. 

Let us pray together:  

Dear Father, please write your Word on our hearts. Please keep us in your presence as we live and work in this fallen world. Thank you for all the ways you protect and guide our thoughts. We worship you as our Lord and Savior; thank you for your faithfulness. Amen




🔴 The Bible In A Year Daily Reading Plan

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Zechariah 2:1-3:10, Revelation 13:1-13:18, Psalm 141:1-10, Proverbs 30:18-20

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