A Daily Purpose

A Daily Purpose

Bible Study & Devotional (January 22, 2021)

🔴 Overtaken By Love

Finally, Joseph put his family out of their misery. (Gen 45:1-5) He also revealed their changed hearts. God’s love pierced the hearts of Joseph’s brothers, and they stood before him, humbly bowing, asking for mercy.
While some may believe the rouse (Gen.42:6-10)wasn’t necessary, I imagine it gave closure to the trauma. The healing began with accepting reality, and hatred could not exist. Joseph and his brothers were transparent, and their vulnerable actions inspired new growth in faith.

Are we willing to accept responsibility for the life we live? Are we aware of our faults?

Psalm 18:37 “I will pursue mine enemies, and overtake them;
Neither will I turn again till they are consumed.”

Let’s camp out at Psalm 18:37 and think about how these words sum up what Joseph did with his brothers.

He pursued his enemies (hatred). The family came to Egypt searching for food. They were not thinking about or looking for Joseph. Instead, his brothers watched grief consume Jacob, their father. (Gen. 37:33-35)

Joseph’s men overtook them. (Gen. 44:4-8) The brothers believed they were innocent of theft and allowed the guardsmen to search. I can imagine the distressed horror they must have experienced. No longer could they think of eating. Their appetite for forgiveness and mercy on behalf of their father, Jacob, surpassed the physical hunger.

Joseph did not stop until he conquered the hearts of his brothers. (Gen.44:14-16) The brokeness revealed the love they had for family and the belief that Joseph had not survived slavery. God’s love defeated the lies and bravado!

~Torrie Slaughter






This devotional was submitted by Torrie Slaughter, the founder of Our Given Purpose® in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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Friday, January 22, 2021

Genesis 44:1- 45:28, Matthew 14:13-36, Psalm 18:37-50, Proverbs 4:11-13

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