A Daily Purpose

A Daily Purpose

Bible Study & Devotional 215

Written by: Torrie Slaughter

Guiding Scripture: Romans 16:16 ‘Greet one another with a holy kiss. All the churches of Christ send greetings.’ 




If we think about how we value one another, it begins with hello. Most often, we can sense if a person is happy to see us. Body language, tone of voice, and character traits help us discern if we are ‘welcome.’ 

How you greet your sisters and brothers in Christ is the tip of the iceberg. It introduces what you think and feel about the person in your presence. 

The Apostle Paul delivers a spirit-filled character summary of some incredible workers, beloveds, brethren, and Holy ones to the church and us. (Romans 16:1-16,21-23)

What an incredible example of what we ought to say about one another!

The Apostle Paul urges us to accept the diverse culture we live in by holding one another in high esteem, and it will change our attitude. We will want to give ourselves over to the work God purposes for each individual. 

Leaders are to encourage harmony and specific duties to uncomplicate transitions. 

Workers should speak with authority and voice their needs and concerns to enhance fellowship within the body of Christ.

The Benefit

The unchurched will become part of a system that regards one another with love and respect. It’s no secret that men and women are alike in many ways. No matter what the organization is (family, business, or church), successes and failures are linked to how we make each other feel. 

Are you an accepting servant, demonstrating love and cultivating an environment of appreciation?

Treating everyone like a VIP is a mark of spiritual maturity and wholeness in Christ. As you read today’s passages, think about your family, church, or business role.

  • Do you appreciate the gifts and contributions of others?
  • Do you greet sisters and brothers with admiration? 

If not, practice thinking good thoughts about those who are different and greet them as the image-bearers of God. 

Prayer: Lord, please help us watch out for those who create divisions and obstacles contrary to Your Word. Fill us with your Holiness that we may discern those who selfishly seek glory for themselves. Let not our hearts be deceived or turn from Your will Abba Father. Encourage us to nourish the souls of those entrusted to our community that we may unite to honor You. Amen



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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

2 Chronicles 33:14-34:33, Romans 16:10-27, Psalm 26:1-12, Proverbs 20:19

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