A Daily Purpose

A Daily Purpose

Bible Study & Devotional Day 158

Written by: Torrie Slaughter

Guiding Scripture:  Acts 5:11 ‘Great fear seized the whole church and all who heard about these events. ‘


🔴Internal Threats

As King Solomon takes the throne after his father King David’s death, we read how he brings things into order. There was a great deal to sort through. The army commanders, priests, advisors, and even family presented problems, if not addressed, would be devastating to his reign.
In 1 Kings 2, King David instructed Solomon to obey God’s commands and to remain faithful. He also detailed how to deal with the enemies of the throne. We read that Solomon was gracious to Shimei by ordering him under ‘house arrest.’ However, Shimei disregarded Solomon’s kindness and chased after a runaway servant. Perhaps Shimei felt his three years of good behavior permitted him to violate a direct command. I wonder what was so important about his servant that he needed to recapture him personally?

A Different Approach to Seize Power

Proverbs 16:25 ‘There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.’

Rejected as king and likely bitter about his short-lived reign Adonijah asks Bathsheba for help (1 Kings 2:17). The young virgin that kept his father David warm and tended to his needs was unmarried. Adonijah asks for her hand in marriage. Well, that would be a sweet if not romantic end if not for the apparent disrespect. King Solomon rightfully viewed the marriage of Abishag, his father David’s attendant (it is stated they were never intimate 1 Kings 1:4), to his brother Adonijah as a threat to his authority.


King Solomon wisely removed the internal threats as they presented themselves. He was proactive and thwarted corruption.
As you read today’s passages, think about your power of persuasion. Are you handling internal threats within your home, business, church, or organization? Or are you towing the lie and blindly sticking to the story (Acts 5:7-10)?
You have the power to decide how those entrusted to you will fear the Lord our God (Acts 5:11). Be aware of your every action.







This devotional was written by Torrie Slaughter the founder of Our Given Purpose® for A Daily Purpose Bible Study & Devotional. 


🔴 The Bible In A Year Daily Reading Plan

Monday, June 7, 2021

1 Kings 1:2:1-3:2, Acts 5:1-42, Psalm 125:1-5, Proverbs 16:25

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