A Daily Purpose Day 215

A Daily Purpose Day 215

Dear Friend,

Romans 16:16-22 serves as a profound call to action for believers to embrace unity, avoid dissension, and rely on the grace and power of Christ to overcome the schemes of Satan. As we greet one another with love and respect, let us remain vigilant against divisive influences and be discerning in our pursuit of goodness and truth.

The assurance of Christ’s victory over Satan reminds us of the security we have in our faith. As a diverse community of believers, let us stand united, embracing one another in love, and collectively shining as a light in a dark world. In this unity, we find strength, wisdom, and the power to overcome all obstacles in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Detria Moore, J.D. is a believer, wife, mother, college professor, intercessor, community servant, writer, speaker, and volunteer of all things. Above all else, she is enamored with her Savior. Her main goal is to serve the Lord, walk in a manner worthy of her calling, and bring glory to her Savior. Detria enjoys reading and teaching the Bible, praying for others, and walking the Lynchburg trails.


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