A Daily Purpose (Day 16)

A Daily Purpose (Day 16)

A Fool No Longer

Contributing Writer: Tiffiany Langston


It doesn’t require a lack of intelligence to be a fool. Instead, it is a lack of spiritual discernment that places us in these brackets. To think of ourselves as fools, seems foolish. But, why? While we may see this word from the worldly point of view and disagree, God is saying that one is a fool, when the true condition of their heart is displayed in how they revere Him. As human beings all born with a sinful human spirit, our souls are marred by the ways of the human condition. Yet, upon our choice to follow Jesus, the gift of the Holy Spirit is imparted to us. 

We now have within, the one who cannot sin. 


And so, the process of sanctification begins. We gain spiritual discernment, as we choose to become less, so that He can become more. But, that only occurs if we make the daily choice to cooperate with the Holy Spirit. Standing in agreement with God, that there is no victory apart from Him. When we make the choice to bypass, repress or avoid the Holy Spirit it will keep us in our foolish ways. Puffed up, self-seeking, self-righteous and self-involved. And we will neglect to share the good news of the gospel message and deem others as undeserving because of a critical heart instead of a compassionate one.

As believers we are a chosen people. Let us rejoice!

God desires to use us, in the accomplishment of His kingdom mission – What an honor! Only a fool would deny themselves an experience like this. Only a fool would rather be in charge; running the world, then to allow God to do what He is SO good at. Stand in agreement with God, today. Seek His face, spend time in his presence and desire to be a fool no longer.

Connect with Tiffiany Langston 

Tiffiany Langston is a writer currently living in Clayton, NC with her husband of 12 years, their 2 vibrant children and the newest addition to their home- Granger the goldendoodle. She is a solopreneur who holds a NC esthetics license and is also an aspiring author. As a wife, mother and sister in Christ, she is dedicated to serving her family and the local congregation she attends. 


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