8,000 Miles to Uganda, The Evolution of Transformation with Mike LaFleur

8,000 Miles to Uganda, The Evolution of Transformation with Mike LaFleur

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The Testimony: I am excited to share this warm and friendly conversation with Mike LaFleur. He is a self-proclaimed regular guy trying to scrape by. Mike is a husband, father, military veteran, and earns a living in the software industry. As a congregant at All Nations Community Church, he and his wife are serving God in an impactful way. 

The Topics:

Mike shares his missionary experience from 2013, which was a step in surrender to God’s grace and mercy. Through a series of events, Mike realized there was more beyond the surface, and the people of Uganda left a lasting impression. As he opens up about his life, I hope you connect and reflect on your activities. Ask yourself what moments have changed you for the better and how you have continued to cultivate the wisdom God gave.

The Session:

As we continue to work through our anger, I pray we will become better equipped to act according to God’s intention. What do we need to look beyond? Can we find the similarities instead of focusing on the differences?




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