What is Building Our Temple?

Part Two of Temple Series.

Bible Reading: 2 Samuel 7:1-29 

David thought he was the person to build God’s temple. He felt unworthy to live in palatial excellence while God “dwelt” in the Arc of the Covenant. When David spoke his concerns and well-meaning desire to the prophet Nathan, Nathan’s response was to go for it. However God intervened and told Nathan to relay a different message to David. 2 Samuel 7:1-6

I have gotten, what I thought, was sound advice from the elders in my life. I heeded their insight because they were more mature in spirit and faith. As I have grown I have seen how obedient excited advice may not have been what God intended. It’s awesome and humbling when our trusted confidants come back to relay a different message; perhaps more information became available or a new approach taken. In either event, if we don’t have someone in our lives that is able to admit being wrong, it may be a reflection of us. What are we selling? David, being who he was, sold the prophet Nathan on his idea to build the Temple. David had been given peace from his enemies and was able to rest in comfort because of God’s mercy. Wouldn’t God choose David, the man Samuel the prophet stood out in the pasture to wait for? 1 Samuel 16:10-11

Our lesson to learn: can we admit mistakes to God, ourselves, to others? If so, wonderful please keep being an example for those unable to.  If not, and it is painful to utter a sincere apology, then there is work to do. The question becomes: who is allowed to 1. build in our sub conscience; 2. construct the way we think? What do we give permission to influence us? Is it our family, friends, social media…. music? What dictates our next move? Those questions should shock us into reality. Our autopilot way of the world mindset will distract us from growing spiritually, academically, and prioritizing our time.

We are more with Christ than we could ever be without Him. Let’s make healing our broken thoughts and shattered hearts a priority. The healing begins by acknowledging pain.


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Greetings, my name is Torrie and I am an obedient God fearing woman, wife, and homeschooling mother. Our household is filled with men and it is important that we all continue to grow in the fruit of the spirit. Through this blog I hope to reach others as we journey closer to God and embrace our relational purposes.


  1. God is in control, we have to let go, and stop letting ourselves and others dictate how we act and respond to situations. Thank you for that message my Queen. ❤️😘

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