Low Key Faith?

Matthew 14:22-33; Proverbs 16:1-9(clicking on the Scripture will allow you to read the passages associated with this article)

Oh social media…where would we be without it? Or more importantly, where are we with it? Over the last few months I have increased my “internet” presence and become more, uh..socially active???? I engage in conversations, give thumbs up to funny memes, react to heartfelt posts, and regularly post content as well. IT-IS-SO-HARD!!! God bless the people who do this for a living by managing profiles for others. The silver lining?….I’ve made connections with people from around the world, found Believers that share my theological views and even those who do not. I’ve been inspired by so many amazing artists, photographers, and writers. It really is a great big world out there. Proverbs 16:2

When I become overwhelmed managing all the various outlets we have at our disposal, I lose sight of God being in the midst. (Matthew 14:30-31) However, I remember to remain calm and wait patiently for God’s will to be done. (Proverbs 16:3) I do have a few things that will quickly unnerve me or take me out of my comfort zone. Confession: I feel most out of sorts when I’m the passenger when traveling. “Hello my name is Torrie and I am a side seat driver!” I will press on imaginary breaks, brace for impact if I believe a crash is imminent, or “talk” to other vehicles telling them to slow down or speed up to merge into the flow of traffic. Yes!! I am an absolute joy to have as a passenger! 

Reading God’s Word showed me how I allow others to control how I react. As a believer in Christ and knowing that He has a plan, I should remain calm in stressful situations, lean into God’s almighty, powerful omnipresence;not taking my eyes off of God. I should be praying. I should not put my trust in the individuals behind the wheel but in God. This forces me to ask the question, “who or what is driving my thoughts and actions?”

Peter began to sink when He took His eyes off of Jesus. So where is my faith? Why do I give other “stuff” control over my emotions? Why do I doubt?…. Well because I’m human, we are all human. God knows our limitations. Yet He will still stretch out His hand and guide us to safety. We are to be interdependent with Him, to do what is natural while He performs the supernatural. Let us all pray for our belief to be strengthened so that He our Father in Heaven can increase our Faith.

~ Torrie

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Greetings, my name is Torrie and I am an obedient God fearing woman, wife, and homeschooling mother. Our household is filled with men and it is important that we all continue to grow in the fruit of the spirit. Through this blog I hope to reach others as we journey closer to God and embrace our relational purposes.


  1. Awesome. Takes me right to Proverbs 3:5-6. Thanks daughter keep up the good work. 💕 love agape. Mom

    1. I’m grateful for your continued support. I’m also glad we were able to discuss this via text and how God’s Word is so amazingly connected. Thank you for receiving the other verses of Haggai that could also be used with this article. ❤️

  2. As always my Queen, excellent way to show our faith in God. How something’s we tend to allow others to control our “lives” especially when we should be giving our lives to God.
    Thank you❤️🙏🏾

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